Woman On Fire

An original play charting the turbulent history of suffrage cause through the life of Preston Suffragette Edith Rigby

Discover the turbulent history of the suffrage movement through the eyes and life of unsung suffragette

Mrs Edith Rigby – mild-mannered doctor’s wife, with a secret identity –

that of arsonist, bomber and militant suffragette.

WOMAN ON FIRE seeks to shed light on suffragette history and the mystery that is Edith Rigby.

Celebrate women’s HERstory through the life & times of this trailblazing, forgotten woman.

How far will you go for what you believe in?

‘Woman On Fire’ is an, original play that takes you into the fiery heart of one of the most dangerous, strange and ‘modern-women’, in history. By turns, funny, sad, tense and outrageous – but always utterly compelling – ‘Woman On Fire’ separates the myth from the truth, to leave you amazed…and moved…

The story of Edith Rigby remains largely unsung. Overshadowed by the more vociferous Pankhurst women, Edith nursed a quiet fire. Yet, inside this calm, affable doctor’s daughter, raged a flame that burned white-hot – against social injustice and a political system that denied women their most basic human right – the right to be treated as citizens, in their own land – by denying them the right to vote

Claire Moore as Edith Rigby

Scotsman revue Four Star Revue


‘John Woudberg’s exciting script is full of poetic language, as well as the sharp wit and defiant spirit of a woman prepared to risk everything for what she believes in. In her olive cord jacket and purple skirt, Edith might be dressed in the iconic colours of the suffragette movement, but she is otherwise the image of a middle-class woman of the time – yet one who uses her position to change the lives of future generations. Moore’s excellent performance captures the complexities of a fascinating, clever and funny woman, born ahead of her time. From “a little girl of principle to a lurking shadow in the night”; Edith’s story is a personal tale, but it also charts the evolution of the suffragette movement. It’s a compelling insight for anyone interested in human rights campaigning – or who simply appreciates a well-told story about a defining point in our history.’

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Scene from Woman On Fire play

Coventry Review

Stunning performance will linger long in the memory

What a stunning performance from Claire Moore in this one-woman original play by award-winning company, Certain Curtain Theatre. It’s an outstanding portrayal of the suffragettes’ fight and the horrendous times they went through to get the vote. The story is well documented, but this play brings it home in all its brutal detail.
Depicting each step of the journey with guts and determination, Claire’s voice never faltered as she told of the horrors endured by these brave women, focusing on one in particular, Edith Rigby, a doctor’s wife from Preston. Claire was Edith Rigby, and I stood side-by-side with her as she took me on a powerful, yet poignant, suffragette journey. READ MORE

Without doubt, as others have added, a 5* show. Brilliantly written, brilliantly performed. Very informative and educational too. Well done to all concerned.

Peter Louch

Political theatre at its best! Go see this! My friends and I loved this - beautifully scripted and expertly performed - we came out ready to change the world! Engaging, funny, poignant and deeply moving. Go and take your friends

Mo Taylor

Brilliant actress pulls out all the stops to tell the amazing story of these gutsy British women, with scripting to make us Yanks proud to share the English language. Go see it! This was the first show my wife and I booked before we left the states and we're going to make it the last thing we see again before we leave.

Larry Eagleman

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