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Curtain Theatre Company – At the forefront of domestic violence drama since 1995

Passionate about using theatre to create change

What started as a ‘one-off’ domestic violence drama job, has developed into an issue that Claire and John care passionately about.

We have undertaken domestic violence training and spoken to thousands of victims and survivors of domestic violence. We have performed our domestic violence dramas to 100s of 1,000s of people nation-wide. Reaching survivors, public audiences, women’s groups, magistrates, probation workers, The Police, Solicitors, Schools, Colleges, volunteer agencies including the Samaritans, Victim Support, Women’s Aid and Refuge Staff and many more.

Passion & Expertise

We are passionate about these issues and have over 30 years experience in crafting original plays, developing and delivering educational workshops.

Claire is actively involved in domestic abuse campaigns and organises the ‘Dead Women Walking’ march each year to remember the women killed in the UK by known men. More Info



We research, write and perform professional plays – we believe that any play needs to be carefully crafted, especially when exploring sensitive issues.

We always adhere to Equity and ITC rates and conditions when taking on actors and technicians to ensure safe and well paid work including newly trained actors.


Domestic Violence Drama - A Creative Challenge

Theatre is an excellent medium for challenging and changing attitudes.

Our plays are engaging dramas in their own right and fit as well into mainstream theatres as they do in community settings.

Domestic Violence Drama – A Human Rights Issue

Most people can readily grasp the concept of human-rights violations, within the context of politically-oppressive regimes, e.g. threats to the self or loved ones, false
imprisonment, other physical and psychological abuses, torture and murder.

However, many people still find it difficult to grasp that some or all of these violations are present in the very place where an individual expects to feel safe – the home.

Our Approach

Using dynamic original theatre we seek to reveal the dynamic of power and control. To enable audiences and participants to connect with the issues on a personal and emotional level. Helping them to ‘experience’ the subject matter and develop a deeper understanding and insight into the complex issues of domestic abuse.

We also link with local agencies for every performance, to ensure support is always available to anyone who needs it.


Theatre not Role-play

Our performances are not ‘role-play’ workshops they are professional plays written by a professional playwright and performed by professional actors. Lifting ‘issue-based’ drama to a whole new level.

We bring a unique approach to engaging people in sensitive issues and for adults and young people to learn in a safe accessible environment.

Our Productions

Claire Moore in domestic violence drama Lady In Red


This award-winning play explores one woman’s attempts to leave an abusive relationship and the barriers she faces. It helps the audience to finally answer the age old question ‘Why doesn’t she just leave?’ Which remains the main obstacle to many people fully understanding the true nature of domestic violence. It explores the whole relationship from the warning signs, through pregnancy, the barriers to seeking help and covers all aspects of domestic abuse with a particular focus on the emotional and psychological abuse – coercive control and its effects.

“So insightful and beautiful – what a wonderful portrayal of very difficult and complex issues. Well done! Very moving and great performance. It definitely opened my eyes”

Michelle – Filia tour

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A teenage boy and girl in school uniform

Mockingbird High

This domestic violence drama explores the impact of Domestic Abuse on two teenage children and their mother. It explores the different effects from conception to teenage years, on girls and boys, the ‘cycle of abuse,’ sexual abuse and bullying, child protection issues and patterns of abusive behaviour. This production offers a unique experience for anyone working with children and young people. Including midwives, school nurses, teachers, social workers as well as providing a insight into the issues for general public awareness campaigns.

‘Beautifully and sensitively portrayed – thank you It has been so insightful and thought provoking and child focused’


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Romeo Jones teenabuse play

Romeo Jones

Explores domestic abuse within a teenage relationship. An ideal theatre in education project for young people of Secondary School age. This original drama explores notions of love and romance. How abusive tactics can be mistaken for intense feelings of caring or concern; helping young people better understand the warning signs of a controlling relationship. It examines a teen relationship and it’s imbalance of power. How cultural notions of gender roles form beliefs and actions; and highlights coercive control and non-violent tactics of domestic abuse as well as providing access to local support agencies.

“Powerful, emotive and very thought provoking. The room was silent throughout. It was so apparent from your facial expressions and interest in all of our questions at the end that you clearly have a passion for what you do. Thank you”

Health Visitor – Sussex Community Foundation Trust

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Life Sentence dv drama

Life Sentence

Explores the development of an abusive relationship and how ‘the system’ (GP, work, legal system) can let victims down. Raises awareness of serious cases, the need for a workplace strategy, stalking, legal and medical issues and the aftermath of an abusive relationship. The performance lasts 20 minutes plus discussion.

‘This was truly the most powerful piece of drama I have ever witnessed. I wish you could show the world’

Sally – Support worker

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"So very moving – for once I saw the bigger picture, Thank you"

Police Officer

"Thought-provoking – a message that crosses generations, cultures, races, religions- A message we all need to hear"

Pat Saunders – Suvivor and professional

"Very realistic and true to the real life situation – it’s like a ripple in a pond and the lives that it touches ‘forever’"

Glenys Victim Support

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