Life Sentence

From the confines of prison,

Penny tells of the horrifying events leading up to her Life Sentence


But is anyone really listening…?

“What you do is so needed keep pushing boundaries and fighting positively against DA! What an emotional performance – told the story of real life, so well. I cried and had goosebumps. You inspired me today Thank you”

Audience Member


Life Sentence


Existence,  Mortality, Being


Judgement, Jail, Punishment

From the confines of prison –

Penny, tells of the horrifying sequence of events leading up to her life sentence –

But is anyone really listening?

This short sharp solo piece, based on real events, looks at the development of an abusive relationship and how ‘the system’ can let victims down.

It explores the aftermath of an attempted domestic violence murder, raising awareness of serious cases, the need for a workplace DV strategy, stalking, legal and medical issues and how work place practice can better support victims.

Now available as a digital training session. Book your call with Claire for more details on how we can tailor this package for your staff and volunteers.


“There’s a three stage process.

Denial, anger, acceptance

and that’s true”

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