Romeo Jones


No ordinary love story

Romeo Jones

How would you feel, if you woke in the dark, with the one you love, to find they are somehow different?…
How would you feel, if you discovered they had a very sharp knife ?…
How would you feel, if you tried to escape, only to find that the door was locked shut?

Ask Juliet Smith…

She knows…

ROMEO JONES is no ordinary love story

romeo jones teenabuse play poster

This tense, daring, lyrical drama, examines the nature of abuse in teenage relationships. Exploring controlling and abusive behaviours within notions of romance and love, this original drama explores how abusive tactics can be mistaken for intense feelings of caring or concern. It examines a teen relationship and it’s imbalance of power; how cultural notions of ‘love’ and gender roles form beliefs and actions.

The play highlights coercive control, warning signs; violent and non-violent tactics of domestic abuse and what is needed to form a healthy, respectful relationship.


Suitable for children and young people aged 13 and over this original drama contains no actual physical violence or swearing but does include verbal threats, some grabbing and pushing and images of arson.

Sadly this production is not currently available due to a lack of funding. However, our domestic violence drama Mockingbird High is available for slightly older children and young people.


Romeo and Juliet

Romeo Jones lasts 40 minutes. It is followed by an after-show discussion with the writer and actors. Each school, youth group also receives an educational support pack with pre and post performance work and lesson plans.

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