Mockingbird High


Children used to be seen

and not heard…

until now…

“ Claire and John’s pro-active approach to the injustices that so many women and children suffer in our community is to be commended and supported. I hope people will recognise the value of their work and support this project.

Theatre is all about telling the untold stories and these stories need to be heard by us all.”

Maxine Peake


Mockingbird High

MOCKINGBIRD HIGH is empty and dark. However, in a locked classroom, deep in the basement, a light still burns. Two pupils are conducting an unusual experiment – the trial of their Mother for neglect and abuse. If guilty, there’s only one sentence – death…

Mockingbird High

is a compelling and lyrical account of the
devastating impact of domestic abuse on two teenage children and their mother.

Exploring the ‘cycle of violence’, safeguarding, sexual bullying, patterns of abusive behaviour and the long-term impact on children. An essential experience for anyone working in the field of safeguarding children.

Contains strong language 

Photo Credits: Garry Cook

A teenage boy and girl in school uniform

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Bookings for the digital training package are now being taken

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Thank you to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts on GIVEY. Any funds we raise now will go towards making the package available to groups working with children.

A new digital Theatre Package!

We have now developed a digital theatre and training package of our acclaimed production MOCKINGBIRD HIGH which is CPD accredited. It includes:

– An interactive quiz to explore the scale and prevalence of domestic abuse

– A filmed version of our original drama MOCKINGBIRD HIGH which can be streamed online

– A live online Q&A with the company to explore the issues raised and their relevance to your work practice or personal experience

– A downloadable support resource for community groups and support staff/organisations working with children and young people

– Accreditation through CPDUK

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