We are fast approaching mental health awareness week and I’m not afraid to admit I made a Big mistake today. I let a funding bid rejection really get me down. It’s the second rejection for a new project – to film LADY IN RED. Using immersive digital techniques we’d make it more accessible; with an audio version for people who are blind and a signed version for people in the deaf community. It stopped me from doing anything productive all morning. I entered a cycle of questioning – Why am I doing this? Do I give up? Will anyone care if I do? To – What’s the point? 

Talking a walk

Then I decided I’d go for a walk at lunchtime. This has been difficult lately due to the side effects of the breast cancer medication I am on. However, I put on my trainers and off I went. I met a horse in a field who came to say hello and I told her how beautiful she is. Then I saw a duck in a large puddle in another field swimming away making the most of its puddle. I stopped to watch and it made me smile. Not a pond or a lake just a large puddle from the recent rain. But this duck didn’t care – it was making the most of it – concentrating on the positive – what it had. 

So I’m following the duck’s example. I have a great project which has won awards for its live performances. I also have some great connections. Martin Riley Caroline Roberts-Cherry of Saffron cherry Productions to make this immersive version happen when I DO get the funding

“If Things don’t change – they’ll stop as they are”

There’s a saying – ‘If things don’t change they’ll stop as they are.’

Never under estimate the power of putting yourself in a different environment. Connecting with nature, a walk round the block can lift your spirits and provide a much need moment of calm. A reminder that you can’t change other people/situations but you can change how you respond. Mental Health Awareness Week runs from Mon, May 15, 2023 – Sun, May 21, 2023.

So my resolve is doubled down and me and the duck are going to turn our pond into a lake.