Our play MOCKINGBIRD HIGH has toured on and off for nine years – receiving tremendous feedback from audiences across the UK. We have had to re-cast the play five times in order to keep it available and this is costly in human resources terms, as well as financially. Children are finally being recognised as victims of domestic abuse – rather than ‘witnesses.’ They will no longer be the hidden victims. Something, our audiences will know, we have been raising awareness of now for decades. With this recognition comes the need to understand the true impact of domestic violence on children.

We know our work makes a real and lasting impact on people’s understanding of these issues and we don’t want to see this valuable drama left on the shelf. So we will bring it back to life in a digital performance package, which will mean it can be accessed internationally and by a wider, diverse audience.

What we will create – a digital performance package

  • A streamable version of our original drama MOCKINGBIRD HIGH
  • A filmed Q&A with the writers and actors
  • A downloadable support resource for community groups and support staff/organisations working with children and young people
  • A live online Q&A with the company to explore the issues raised and their relevance to your work practice or personal experience
  • Accreditation through CPD

We operate without any revenue funding and currently have no project funding in place to support this work. However, we do have organisations who want to see this happen. Through their support, we have managed to raise over half of what we need! Which is great news!

Great news – So – Can we reach our target?

With your help – we hope so. We have teamed up with GIVEY to raise the rest and need your help to spread the word! If you can donate to support that would be great! If you can’t spare anything at the moment sharing this link with a friend or two would be great too!